Forsite supports companies and their stakeholders in strategic financial matters such as (re)financings, investment decisions, mergers and acquisitions, business planning, reporting, shareholder matters, valuation, ...

All Forsite partners have experience as Big4-corporate finance consultant, but also have held CEO and CFO positions in a diverse range of businesses, from start-ups to large international corporates, which were family or privately owned, in the hands of private equity investors or public. That is why they are uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between a plan and the execution, and to mediate between all parties involved.

In a complex business environment where financial resources are scarce and companies have to regularly reinvent themselves, business people, capital providers and other stakeholders appreciate Forsite’s hands-on and no-nonsense approach:
Think straight, Talk straight”!

Forsite can be contracted:

  • for the long term as an independent member of the (advisory) board or as a sounding board for management; or
  • on a project basis for advice or execution; or
  • as (ad hoc or ad interim) member of the management team.

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